Collagen Beauty with Native Superfoods

As the most abundant protein, collagen protein makes up about 30% of the body’s protein and more than 70% of the skin’s dry weight.

Skin appearance reflects health and general well-being, at the age of 30, the human skin begins to change, characterized by alterations to the dermal connective tissue. Collagen levels are particularly important for the strength and resilience of the skin, and alterations in their number and structure are thought to be responsible for wrinkle formation, loss of skin smoothness and hydration. Hence, healthy collagen levels are essential for skin elasticity, skin smoothness, skin hydration.

During exercise, proteins can provide energy and specific proteins such as collagen peptides act as protective agents for the joints and tendons. After exercise, it helps to regenerate muscle tissue, repair damaged structures, sustain the immune function, and delay fatigue.

Scientific studies suggest that oral ingestion of collagen peptides helps maintain strong bones and healthy joints.

Scientific evidences prove that SOLUGEL®  outperforms other proteins by providing longlasting satiety and delaying hunger and assist with maintaining a healthy weight.



IQ.N Healthy Glow Collagen Beauty Powder with Native Australian Superfoods

Lightly flavoured with Australian Superfoods; Kakadu Plum and Finger Lime, the same Superfoods that give a Vitamin C Boost and Grass Fed Collagen Peptides for a healthy glow. Bovine collagen peptides contain Collagen Type I and III.

IQ.N Healthy Glow Collagen Beauty Bar

Snack Smart with a tasty Smart Snack - A healthy snack  with collagen protein and real wholefood ingredients for beautiful skin. Made with mostly organic ingredients, this tasty fig and lemon coconut bar will delight your senses.

IQ.N Skin Glow Marine Collagen Beauty Powder with Austalian Superfoods

Marine Collagen Beauty is Marine Hydrolysed Collagen with bioactive collagen peptides. Lightly flavoured with Australian Superfoods; Kakadu Plum and Finger Lime, the same Superfoods that give a Vitamin C Boost, it's a perfect summer drink.
It contains Collagen Type I.

Lovelove Broth and Co & IQN products! Lovelove my asian food and tried the chicken asian style broth last night.. added oyster mushrooms, bok choy, diakon, onions, garlic, chilli oil and 2 thighs. Absolutely delicious...such a gentle flavour which could be boosted with star anise etc however wonderful on its own.

Julie Hoffmann

Absolutely everything about these IQN healthy products I adore, definitely loved the taste and the quality from this product. I don't have time or energy to make my own but always feel so good drinking bone broth. Definitely a happy customer here.

Hampar. K

These are the most fantastic products. I can’t recommend them highly enough! Thanks IQN

Alicia Staughton