SOLUGEL® bioactive collagen peptides for skin hydration, elasticity and firmness.

The natural Solution for Skin Aging 

+11% Firmness, +17% Elasticity, +14% Hydration

Bioactive collagen peptides offer you the natural solution for skin aging.

SOLUGEL® is made up of high quality bioactivecollagen peptides that are obtained from naturalsources. By breaking down proteins enzymatically intosmaller peptides, SOLUGEL® is obtained and it can be easily absorbed by the human body.

 A recent placebo-controlled double-blind clinical study carried out at the institute of Cosderma in France over aperiod of 56 days proved the positive effect of the oral intake of 5g SOLUGEL® in terms skin hydration. 

Significant improvements in skin hydration

With a 14% improvement in hydration. 

Dermatologist evaluation confirms the positive skin effects 

With a 21% improvement increase in hydration, 17% improvement in elasticity and 11% improvement in firmness.

Moisture map from one volunteer on the forearm

The corneometer results of this volunteer showed a 39% increase in the moisturized effect of the skin.

Self-assessment by volunteers

Questionnaires completed during the study showed that volunteers taking 5g of SOLUGEL® demonstrated a better perception of the product efficacy compared to the placebo group in terms of skin hydration, firmness of the skin, appearance of the skin, as well as the overall improvement of the state and the aspect of the skin.

Scientifically proven effects:

This scientific study proved that the oral intake of 5g SOLUGEL® significantly improves the moisturizing effects of the skin after 56 days. SOLUGEL®

A second scientific study proved that the oral intake of 10g SOLUGEL® significantly boosts the skin performance after 56 days. 

 +11% Firmness, +17% Elasticity, +14% Hydration